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Problem Sleuth

Music; Weird Puzzle Tunes

Reccomended fanfiction; Midnight City Life (SFW) by Path, Keeping Karkat (SFW) by Path, and Thirsty (NSFW) by Sspsdd

One evening, Problem Sleuth (PS) prepares to leave his office and find some new cases when he discovers that the door will not open, trapping him inside. He begins to tear the room apart searching for useful items, like his gun and pieces of candy corn, and in the process, he comes into contact with Ace Dick (AD) and Pickle Inspector (PI). PI is also trapped in his office, and AD soon ends up in the same situation, so the three decide to abandon their rivalry and work together to escape, becoming Team Sleuth. PS is the official leader of the team, thanks to his high Pulchritude stat.

Problem Sleuth tends to see himself as a hard-boiled prohibition-era detective, getting calls from Hysterical Dames while lazing about on his desk. He's has a penchant for monologuing in old 30's noir style at times, and it's a bit difficult to figure out what he's talking about occasionally.